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Welcome to Project Domogo (Doe-Moe-Go), powered by Cinderhouse.

We are an invitation-only pilot program that delivers high-quality warmed leads to improve realtors' bottom lines.

We only deliver leads who specifically state that they are ready to buy or sell and have asked to speak to our partner realtors. No trickery. No unethical marketing. No upset contacts wondering why you are calling them.

100% of post-growth profit will then be cryptographically proven to be used to fund innovations and initiatives in the fight against homelessness.

Our process creates a simple feel-good virtuous cycle product that is a win-win-win for realtors, consumers, and communities.

How We Do Lead Generation

The breakneck speed of adoption in natural language processing and AI, coupled with the out-phasing of cookies, ad tracking, and broad access to device data, creates a clear message to realtors and MarTechs: evolve or be disrupted.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to differentiate while future-proofing ourselves during this sea change by focusing on hyperlocalization, genuine relationship and trust building, value warming, and performing ethical, permissioned, and limited data collection and use.

Here's how we do it

  1. We run marketing experiments designed to differentiate by serving and giving to the community in a range of ways. Community members convert onto our lists by being given to instead of being asked to give or buy.

  2. When community members sign up, they agree to be regularly contacted—nurtured—via free giveaways, events, and services. They can unsubscribe and fully delete the limited data we’ll retain at any time.

  3. We work with local businesses, groups, volunteers, and a smattering of creative technologies to offer time-boxed goodies, attention-grabbing community services, community stories, and share-worthy events that are messaged out to our lists.

  4. At the end of each message, there will be an additional call-to-action (CTA) for those ready to buy or sell their home from a Domogo-affiliated realtor.

  5. Those who click the CTAs and request contact will agree to have their information delivered 1-by-1 via a round-robin algorithm to a limited number of Domogo-affiliated agents.

Why Domogo